The most beautiful day of your life at Skrunda Manor!


Skrunda Manor is located in the very heart of the Kurzeme region at a mere distance of 68 km from Liepaja and 145 km from Riga. Its location may be shortly characterized in three words: beautiful, reachable, and elegant. Beautiful because it stands right on the bank of the River Venta in a very picturesque area. Reachable because it is easy to find owing to a very good road right from the Riga-Liepaja highway up to the front door of the Manor.  Elegant because of its historical atmosphere and arrangement that makes wedding ceremonies particularly special.

Elegance of a small town

By choosing a small town in Latvia as your wedding venue, you get several advantages: there is no rush and needless stress  while the newly married couple is being photographed, guests can settle down in their rooms, get introduced with the Skrunda Manor, enjoy snacks or just relax. The refreshing countryside atmosphere goes along with various options. The big banquet hall of the Manor can host a wedding party for up to 120 people. On several occasions, should the wedding organizers wish so, it is also possible to build a large tent outdoors thus accommodating even more guests. Rooms of the Manor are cosy and comfortable and the hotel has one of the best restaurants in the Latvian countryside. For lovers dreaming of an outdoor wedding ceremony, we offer a choice between two wonderful options – to read the wedding vows in the picturesque Manor park or on the bank of the River Venta.  After the ceremony the party may be held at the Manor or in the outdoor tent; the little island will be most appropriate for romantic moments.
We have excellent and professional partners who will do their best to make your ideas come true exactly as you have wished for. It will be the most beautiful day of your life!

References on Skrunda Manor

"Ready to implement any idea"

Sigita Danilica from the Wedding Agency Crystal Events
Venue is one of the most important elements of wedding; it is like a small paradise full of the wedding splendour. For everything to run smoothly, it is very crucial to form a successful dialogue with the employees of the venue. Sometimes the ideas for decorations or wedding activities are so impressive that at first they may even seem impossible to accomplish. Nevertheless, we know that any idea can be fulfilled if you have the right people with you; in Skrunda Manor they have. We have organized several wedding parties in this luxurious venue and the staff has always been very responsive: they – just like ourselves – get excited about nice and creative ideas. Employees of the Skrunda Manor can be recognized for their responsiveness, initiative, as well as high level of service and positive attitude.

"A place for celebrations with children"

Laila and Edgars, a newly married couple, celebrated their wedding at Skrunda Manor.
We had our wedding party at Skrunda Manor and we would like to particularly emphasize the attitude of the employees that was professional, friendly, and flexible. It was so easy because everyone listened to our wishes, nobody forced us anything and we felt taken care of at the highest level. Our guests still remember the cosy hotel rooms that allowed enjoying the wedding to the fullest and then have a nice rest. Children loved the Manor territory as they could either spend their time at the kids’ corner or explore the whole Manor feeling safe and entertaining themselves without any involvement of adults.

"An excellent trinity – a happy couple, nice venue, and a thought-out design"

Billijs Locs, Photographer
The premises of Skrunda Manor are light and in good taste making my life as a photographer much easier as I do not have to think how to evade backgrounds that could spoil the picture. Even if the weather   prevents from taking pictures in the lovely territory of the Manor, the tasteful passages and rooms provide many options for romantic and beautiful pictures. The Manor forms an excellent trinity of a happy couple, beautiful wedding venue, and joy that rules the atmosphere and style.

"The landscape here is excellent – accurate and picturesque"

Marcis Baltskars, Photographer
A photographer plays quite an important role in wedding as not only s/he has to chase for the best and the most awesome moments but also do it in a way these emotions are still seen on a picture even 100 years later. Skrunda Manor is the right place to hunt for such moments. The landscape here is excellent – accurate and picturesque. The River Venta right next to the Manor appears to have been created for taking pictures on its banks. The environment is like a magical place for inspiring photos. Midnight... Dew-drops... The meadow is wrapped in fog that hugs the lanterns along the path of the garden, vaguely marking the silhouettes of guests. So attractive is the surrounding aura! Pictures in the Manor and its park will be excellent!


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