Wedding celebrations

Kurzeme has a very unique charm and many couples choose to celebrate their wedding in Kurzeme, and Skrunda Manor is a great choice fot that.

Skrunda Manor is located in the heart of Kurzeme, only 68 km from Liepaja and 145 km from Riga. Skrunda Manor is characterized by elegance, accessibility and beauty. Elegant, because the manor's historic atmosphere and furnishings give the wedding a solemn aura. Aristocratic and romantic. Getting to Skrunda manor is simple and convenient - from the Riga-Liepaja highway, to the doorstep of the manor itself. Beautiful, as the building itself is an architectural masterpiece, complemented by the scenic area of ​​the river Venta in Kurzeme.

Romance and a leisurely atmosphere

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important choices in the wedding planning process. Many couples still choose traditional values ​​- an elegant, sophisticated and well-maintained environment with a romantic atmosphere. Choosing to organize a wedding venue in Skrunda manor will delight you.

For our Skrunda Manor Restrautant wedding menu we offer you to enjoy the best what we can offer. The atmosphere of the wedding celebration is complemented by the cosiness of the small town and the leisurely rhythm of life. Skrunda Manor is surrounded by a beautiful park that tempts you to go for peaceful walks, alone, or in a company.

Opportunities for all tastes

Skrunda Manor offers several options for wedding events. There is a spacious banquet hall for up to 120 guests. We also offer smaller halls if, for example, wedding is organized for the closest relatives and friends. After the wishes of the organizers of the event, we will be able to install an outdoor tent in the manor park. The star-filled sky is just a step away, added with a beautiful view of the Venta River covered in the moonlight.

One of the advantages of the Skrunda Manor as a place for weddings is the opportunity to offer an open-air wedding ceremony. The new couple can say their wows in front of the beautiful Venta River. After the ceremony, the party can continue in the manor.

Choosing the right wedding menu

We all love to have a grat meal, and we especially are enthusiastic about offering our guest a high quality resaurant menu mostly made from locally grown products. In this aspect, the Skrunda Manor restaurant team has a high level of professional experience - and we try to satisfy even the most sophisticated desires.

Wedding in Skrunda Manor - it will be the most beautiful and memorable day in life!