Skrunda Manor SPA - Spirit and soulharmony in all seasons!

Just like nature, we also have our own inner rhythm - it is essential to live according to it, to feel the needs of our body and soul, and occasionally relax from the everyday city life, taking care of our physical and mental well-being. Our SPA offers are made to rejuvenate the soul, harmony of the soul and fully relax from the daily routine. If you are thinking about SPA in Kurzeme, then the SPA of Skrunda Manor will be your best choice. In our range of SPA hotels, everyone will find the right procedure.

Thinking about the well-being of our guests we have created a range of SPA offers. The Skrunda Manor SPA is located in a separate building, which fits perfectly into the overall planning of the manor area. SPA offers are designed according to the wishes of our guests - as it is offered by high-level SPA hotels, and our goal is to become one of the most outstanding SPA in Kurzeme.

SPA Reservation For hotel guests, for 2 persons price is 80.00 EUR - up to 2 hours visit of the SPA area. We book SPA times individually, and to receive confirmation of SPA reservation, please call us +371 22113355 or e-mail us to: !!! Reservation is made only by individual confirmation  !!!

Our SPA offers are diverse, based on seasonal interaction and ancestral traditions.

Skrunda Manor SPA offers


For relaxation and a small refreshing swim at any time of the year. Enjoy the touch of water and feel the power of a new force throughout your body.


A source of cheerfulness and joy. Massaging water bubbles will improve physical well-being, restore muscle tone, firmness of the skin.


Heating in the sauna is a great way to improve health and prevent various health problems. Heat promotes metabolism, improves both physical and mental well-being.

Spa rituals

Include massage and various types of relaxing procedures, the main purpose of which is to provide a relaxing, calming effect in a peaceful atmosphere. Our center employs professional SPA masters who use high-quality cosmetics manufactured in Latvia to perform procedures.

Skrunda Manor SPA Hotel

The Skrunda Manor Spa has five hotel rooms, which can accommodating up to 20 guests. The building has a cozy lounge room.

We offer the possibility to organize private or group events. For example, SPA offers are a pleasant opportunity to “get away” from your daily routine and stay with your colleagues in an informal atmosphere. Each of you will be able to enjoy the most suitable spa ritual, swim in the pool, enjoy the power of water bubbles in the jacuzzi and share the fun of sitting in the sauna. Our SPA offers are friendly for families with children, couples or friends.

Guests of the SPA can visit the Skrunda Manor Restaurant, which has been included in the White Guide Nordic Guide.

We are confident that the best offer in the restaurant menu is made up of dishes made from quality, seasonal products available in the surrounding area.

The Manor effect

Long walk in the beautiful Skrunda manor park and along the Venta coast will satisfy your needs. After enjoying the spa treatments, recovering energy and joy of life, head to the fresh air. We are beautiful at any time of the year - the spa offered by Skrunda Manor in Kurzeme includes not only traditional rituals, but also the nature's SPA - proximity to the river, tasteful and well-tended environment, peaceful countryside.

See you at Skrunda Manor!