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Signature Skrunda manor massage
procedure time 45 min
This personalized massage focuses on problem areas and works on all muscle levels, applying light to moderate pressure on the painful points to focus on tightening and relieving muscle tension, increasing blood circulation and improving mobility, as well as toning and nourishing skin with oxygen. If you desire a strong / more intense massage, please see below deep tissue massage.

Price: 45, - Eur


Relaxing pre and post natal massage 
procedure time 45 min

This massage is intended for pre and post natale mothers starting from the second trimester to the postpartum period. By using the nourishing properties of almond oil and the gentle hand movements of the masseuses, the procedure helps relieve muscle tension and fatigue, while helping to reduce the discomfort gained during and after pregnancy. In addition, light almond oil makes the skin soft while the relaxing scent helps to calm mind.

Price: 55, - Eur


Curonian special glow massage
procedure time 60 min

This massage uses almond massage oil to stimulate blood circulation to the muscles, relieve tension, deeply moisturize the skin and make it radiant. For perfect relaxation and wellness, this massage can be adjusted by focusing on  discomfort areas.

Price: 65, - Eur


Skrunda manor speciality -  sleep well massage
procedure time 50 min

Great massage for those who are suffering from lack of sleep. The procedure begins with gentle circular movements that release the feet, relax the mind and prepare the body for massage. Essential oils help detoxify, strengthen muscles and joints, reducing level of stress and promotes better sleep.

Price: 60, - Eur


(additional treatment time from 10 to 20 min, depending on the chosen procedure)

Improve your massage with the following options:

- back  scrub,

- cleansing back mask,

- hair and scalp mask,

- procedure for the skin around the eyes,

- face mask,

- procedure for lip skin.

Each procedure additionally: 15, - Eur