Celebrate with Skrunda manor

Enjoy the bliss of giving gift from Skrunda Manor.

Everything is as simple as:

1. Choose yourself whether you want to give a loved one a certain amount on a gift card or make your own offer to impress.
2. If necessary, consult with us about anything from cost to special details that are  important to you.
3. And receive the gift card in your e-mail or let us wrap it for you.

Facebook: @SkrundaManor
Phone: +371 22113355
E-mail: office@skrundamanor.lv

Dear guests!

According to safety measures adopted in the Republic of Latvia due to COVID-19, Skrunda manor is closed for guests until the end of the period of safety measures.

During this period, we will at any time answer your questions or prepare an offer for proposed future events or celebrations, to return to normal schedule as soon as possible after the end of COVID-19 safety measures.

Please send your questions by e-mail: office@skrundasmuiza.lv, or call us +371 22113355.